The Red Lotus Gallery accepts entries from any artist, MCA members and non-members alike.  The difference is the consignment rates and space priority.  Submitted artwork goes through a monthly jury process whereby our curating committee members assess the artwork based on the principles of design, originality, composition, and quality.  Artwork that does not meet our standards may be returned to you (with explanation upon request), and sometimes may be accepted with required revisions/fixes.  We accept up to 5 pieces per month, and the deadline is generally the last Tuesday of the month, but may be changed as needed.  Any artwork brought in after the deadline will be set aside for the following month’s curation process.  To submit work, please print out the MCA Art Submission form below and make a copy which you can cut up and affix the sections to the pieces, as well as turning in the original when dropping artwork off.  Please note that Show/Exhibit Submissions usually have separate forms.
Current best times for artwork drop-off: Friday from 12-2p or Saturday from 12-4p
For any further questions feel free to contact us at 231.981.8525.  Thank you!

Stay tuned… new shows coming up soon!

MCA Art Submission Form Oct 21, 2016
The best time to drop off artwork is Friday (12-2p) or Saturday (12-4p) before the last Tuesday of the month to be considered for the following month’s jurying and curating.

NOTE: *All artwork for ALL shows and general artwork submission MUST have these tags affixed to them for artwork submission to be approved:
mca all artwork submission tags sept. 2017
MCA artwork affix tags for adhering to artwork for submission 2017 (Make 3 copies of filled out affix tags. Keep one copy for your files, submit one copy to the Red Lotus Gallery with your artwork submission form and cut up the last copy for adhering to artwork.)